Saturday, May 29, 2010

Only So Many Ways To Say Some Things

The old duplicate content argument is starting to resurface again in relation to ranking in the SERPS. When dealing with product descriptions, you will often see the same stock description show up on several retailer sites. It is not uncommon to even see them on Amazon. Is it OK to use this duplicate content on your site? Sure, I guess, as long as the original source is allowing it. Which most do. If you were to build a complete site though with all duplicate content, it will be very hard to stand out in the SERPS ranking wise. I know there are only so many ways to say something is black and goes 55 mph. If you must use stock product descriptions, try to add something else unique to the page as well. Perhaps also a video or some product ratings. Try to make the full contents of the page be different than any other page out there. Yes. Even if it all is duplicate content. Tons of sites make a living off of aggregating content. Take for example. I will say though, you stand a better chance the more unique you are. Even if this means spinning something with the Best Spinner. Try to put together pages of content that can not be found elsewhere and yet give the surfer what they are looking for. It is not so much the duplicate content that kills you, than it is the fact that no pages on your domain have uniqueness. Get creative, even if you are using SOME duplicate content. In all honesty though, the more original content you have on site, the better it is for all involved.

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