Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Momentum Plugin

Ok, while not really a REAL site plugin, it is a mental plugin of sorts that is often under utilized. Many that email or submit questions here or on the forums suffer from lost momentum. Now I certainly understand not everyone being blessed with the same time they can commit as I am, but I also see a lot of "wait and see" mentality going on as well. I have mentioned several times in the past that this business of building niche sites offers instant results in some areas, like content and backlink generation and other areas you can not see like ranking improvements and earnings. Can you jump up over night? Sure. Does it happen all the time? No. Many people waste so much time reading what does not work, that they fail to get ANY work done at all. How much work have you done to your own sites this past week? What about the week before that? Often times many lose the blind faith because the money is not in the account when they check the stats every 10 minutes. Are you in that class? Sadly many are. People refuse to believe that there are no secrets in addition to techniques. Many confuse the two. Build sites that do not suck. If you have to start thin, start thin. The thick/thin battle will always exist. I choose to stay on the thick side though as I have more bank account deposits that show it has worked better for me. Regardless, you must keep your momentum up and keep some sort of log of what you have done and are trying to do. You can drive coast to coast without a map, but why would you? You wouldn't stop every mile either, would you? Install the Momentum Plugin today and your bottom line will improve quicker than you think.

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