Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stop Ignoring Video & Youtube

I went on a video spree a few weeks back to see what kind of effect a full out video blitz would have on a site. I made quite a few videos using both the Windows Movie Maker and the GFX Video Writer. I concentrated on 3 sites of mine during this blitz and uploaded the videos to several video sites including Youtube. Several people still do not know that in their Youtube Channel profile, you can add a link to your site that is actually dofollow. Now imagine adding 10 niche related videos to each niche specific channel. If you SEO each video submission with keywords, tags and a savvy researched keyword title, you will be amazed at the places it will show up over a short period of time. Several webmasters highly automate sites that post videos daily. WP Robot is a perfect example of this and there are several others that do it honestly as well. Over time, your channel page will gain some authority and be a solid backlink to your niche sites. In addition, depending on how good your videos are, you will get some targeted traffic as well. These videos do not have to be long or anymore than just pictures stitched together with background music or spoken word audio. Be creative, mine sucked at first but got better over time. Start today and stop ignoring video.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
Do you have a sample? What is your average length?

soggy on June 26, 2010 at 9:07 PM said...

@Sean, they are super simple. a demo I used to make a test video with the GFX writer is here:

Do not over think these. They are simple to make. You just need some images, a little text and audio if you like. You do not need to be James Cameron with these. The more you do, the better you get.



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