Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Learn To Slow Down

We all are crunched for time. Even me and I am full time in the niche site building business. It is very easy to get in a hurry and make mistakes. The same goes with the rush to build too many backlinks too fast. Now does that mean that something can't go viral? Absolutely not, but remember that something that does go viral will have certain characteristics. In other words, a site that gains all article backlinks or all social backlinks in one week or month will certainly set off alarms with Google. Things that go viral show up on Facebook, Twitter and so on and so on. Google knows this. The days of spamming the net quickly are nearly over for ranking purposes. Does this mean you should not spin articles and send them off to SEO Link Vine and other directories? No, of course not, but pick your spots. You have more than one site I hope, if not, you likely are not getting the monies worth out of SEOLV. Do not limit yourself to just one source of backlink either and do not get so caught up in building 400 backlinks in a month. The first 30 days should be spent making sure the site is getting indexed fine and is up to snuff quality wise if it is a product review type site. I no longer build a site and head straight to backlinks. Why? I have found I get the site seeded well in 6 months by taking my time in all facets of link building.

Slowing down also relates to the building of the site. I have a written flow chart I use on product review type sites that works for my style and time budget. It helps ensure I pay attention to the details of building the site the way I know works. I work 99% of the time with Wordpress, but as easy as a platform that it is, mistakes are easy to make. My dad always said growing up, do it right the first time so you don't have to go back and do it again. Check all your links and every page of the site to make sure everything is loading and nothing has been overlooked. There is no reason to be in a hurry now, make sure you do it right. Take your time.

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