Friday, July 30, 2010

But What About Unique Wordpress Themes?

After posting the my top 40 Wordpress plugins yesterday, there was a comment about buying or using a uniquely coded Wordpress template. There are so many sites out there that are both good and spammy that use the same templates, I find it hard to see Google punish a site merely because it uses a certain template. Am I ruling it out on ALL templates though? Absolutely not as I too have see certain templates used primarily for auto blogs or spam sites, but I am sure there is the one person out there that might have a thick blog on "chess openings" that has a page rank of 6 and does well in all types of long and short tail organic searches and knows no better about using that theme.

The best thing to do is use common sense. If you see a certain theme showing up on spammy sites, don't use it as your subconscious will try to use it as reason should your site do poorly in the SERPS. Along the same lines, Yoast has a nearly 2 year old post on 10 Checks to the Perfect WordPress theme that I always point people to. If you can fit into your budget having a theme personalized just for you and a group of your sites, by all means do it. I preach uniqueness, the more you can be less associated with spam the better. Is it a must to succeed? Not in my eyes, but it never hurts in branding though. Just look at the theme of the link I just sent you to. Down at the bottom it says Theme by W3 EDGE, WordPress Experts with a link. I bet that theme is unique and has more than the 10 checks included as Yoast is a Wordpress master.

Just be careful and check the little things, including the RSS feed as I found an error I talked about in the Keyword To Websites included theme. Little things like that might not look like much, but cam hurt you in more ways than one.

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