Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Pause For A Paws Cause

I have been known to mix in a public service ad every now and again on this blog and today will be one of them. I do not watch much television except for sports and mostly only during football and hockey season. With all of the oil disaster stuff going on down here on the Gulf Coast, I have been forced to watch and pay attention to a bit more of the news. I am a huge dog lover as most know. My dog lives better than most people and is spoiled terribly. He pays us back in so many ways though. Quite a few dogs along the Gulf Coast have not been so fortunate as you will see in the video below and accompanying story. Due to the economic strife's the oil spill has put on families who's lives revolve around the water and associated economies, the family pet is the first to go as several can not feed or afford to care for them. These animals end up in the pound and soon destroyed. These shelters and organizations need your help for not only food and supplies, but marketing to get the word out to try to find these animals new homes. If you can, watch the video below and donate to the ASPCA or the LASPCA. Both have programs to help families pay vet bills as well and do amazing things. Thanks for your time and support.

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