Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Greg's High Performance SEO Wordpress Plugin Reduces Server Load

I was recently turned on to Greg's High Performance SEO Wordpress Plugin to help speed up a few sites and reduce the site load on several very high traffic sites of mine. I will admit that I have been using the Light SEO and the All In One SEO plugins for quite a while and it took a while to weed my way through all of the settings. One plus is that Greg's High Performance SEO also provides built-in support for titles and keywords left behind by alternative SEO and other legacy plugins such as All in One SEO Pack among many others, but I suggest you learn the settings going forward and not to rely on this. I have seen it reduce the load already by 5% on one site and have some more playing to do. Read up on it and see if it fits your needs or at worst, throw it up on a test site.

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Justin on September 30, 2010 at 1:20 PM said...

Couple questions on it, it seems like a lot of people love it, but I'm a newbie that needs some help. I know it's not your plugin, but if you or anyone else could help I would love it.

I have some questions about the three main sections of the plugin within the post....

-So should I also do tags in the wordpress post along with the "head keywords" section of the plugin in the post?

-Should I fill out the secondary description? Just slightly change the title desription? is that a good plan...

-Is the "head description" what shows up in a google search description below the site link?
and do I have to use it.

Sorry I'm confused, but if you or anyone else help with one or all of the questions I would love that. I'm trying to read the instructions it's just throwing me off some. I work good with examples of what I should do.



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