Saturday, September 18, 2010

Last Time You Did Server Maintenance & Cleanup?

I am using today to go through and check all my servers and do some clean up of unneeded files, plugins and sift through some non-emergency type error codes to straighten up. Over time this stuff can build up and it is good to set aside a day every few months if possible to just run through each site completely. I like to thumb through each root directory to give it a visual as well for anything that may not belong there. I do use a server monitoring script to alert me to all files uploaded, just in case I am hacked or something is exploited. it has happened once before to me and I have caught it. I also use this time to visit all my sites one by one and make sure everything looks good and loads fine from a visual standpoint. It is quite time consuming depending on the amount of sites you have, but is pretty mindless work and good to do. You would be surprised at the things you will stumble upon that need to be addressed or have been forgotten to be taken care of. Back at it now!

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