Thursday, December 16, 2010

Don't Be Stupid - Shop Using Your Own Affiliate Code

Outside of weekly groceries, there is not much that the wife and I do not buy online. The internet & UPS were made for us, especially at Christmas time where we really go crazy. It is so easy to get caught up in the shopping aspect that often times you can forget that there might indeed be an affiliate program that you either already belong to such as Link Share, Commission Junction or Share-A-Sale for example that manages the place you are about to buy from or it might be a program you can join quickly and get approved. Now of course some programs will not reward this way, like Amazon, but many others will. I like to buy calenders this time of year, to the tune of about 200 bucks worth. I blindly almost forgot myself just the other day to check this and remembered the last second. It of course was a Share-A-Sale run program and I received credit for my own purchase on top of the free shipping the company was offering. Not a bad deal and I bet several of you forget to do this. It is easy to do and it is instant money back in your pocket.

I should add a disclaimer that you should check the rules of each program if it is indeed OK for you to buy from yourself. Outside of Amazon & Ebay though it is pretty wide open. Amazon will not punish you, they just will not credit you, at least they don't credit me. Ebay has frowned on this for a while. When in doubt, just double check the rules or email your affiliate manager.

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