Friday, June 13, 2008

Build A Niche Store BANS Pepperjam Update Package

Since we spoke about Pepperjam Network (PJN) a couple of days ago
there have been quite a lot of questions about BANS, EPN and
Pepperjam many of which are based on misinterpretations of what
Pepperjam means to BANS and what its' purpose as an option is.

Please take the time to read this email carefully...

eBay's own affiliate platform (EPN) is now and will remain the
principal platform for ALL eBay affiliates and it is what BANS is
built to work with.

eBay, in an attempt to expand the reach of their affiliate program
(ie attract more affiliates) have partnered with Pepperjam to allow
Pepperjam publishers to promote eBay listed products through the
Pepperjam network rather than having to sign up directly with eBay
under the EPN platform.

Upon hearing of this partnership quite a few BANS users contacted
both us and Pepperjam explaining that they wanted Pepperjam as an
option and so we have created the following updates:

1. An update pack for converting existing V3.0 EPN US stores to PJN
called - BANS v3.0 EPN to PJN Convertor Pack

2. A fresh download of V3.0 for US stores called - BANS v3.0 PJN
Full Download

3. For any users that switch to PJN and then want to return to EPN
we have also created an update pack for converting V3.0 PJN US
stores back to EPN called - BANS v3.0 PJN to EPN Convertor Pack

If you DO NOT want to use Pepperjam and are happy using EPN then
these updates have no meaning for you. We, for example, will not
be converting any of our own niche stores from EPN to Pepperjam.

These updates are purely for those users that do want to switch
their current V3.0 US stores to Pepperjam or build new US V3.0
stores with Pepperjam.

These updates are also only being made available only through the
BANS "back-end" - ie to to existing BANS users and then any new
BANS users who go through the process we will describe below.

Consequently we are not adding a Pepperjam option for US store
building inside the main BANS package (ie when it is first
downloaded by new customers) or modifying the existing manuals to
include a reference to it. This may change when Pepperjam adds the
infrastructure to support all the eBay affiliate programs and not
just the US eBay affiliate program.

We have, however, added a new forum section called Pepperjam
Network which can be found here:

And all questions relating to Pepperjam should be posted inside
that section.

The only way a new user of BANS will be able to move from EPN to
Pepperjam is by following the instructions inside the sticky post
found in that section.

If you would like to download and use any of the Pepperjam updates
outlined above then please visit the appropriate download area
described below.

The update packs for converting stores to PJN or back to EPN
contain a READ ME file which you should read first before updating
any of your stores.

1. For all ClickBank purchasers (95% of BANS users) please enter
your ClickBank receipt number to access the download area (using
the "send receipt number to your email" if you do not have it) at
the following url:

2. For those special offer purchasers through either Jim Cockrum or
Lynn Terry please enter your PayPal email address to access the
download area at the following url:

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any problems accessing or downloading the
updated versions of BANS please submit a support ticket to our
download support center found here with your full name so that we
can answer your query:

Inside each of the download areas you will see this latest
Pepperjam update appropriately posted at the top.

We hope this has helped clarify what Pepperjam means for any BANS
users that still had questions about it and that those users who
wanted the option are happy with the update.

Kelvin and Adam

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