Saturday, June 21, 2008

How Many Stores Will It Take?

This question I get a ton via email or private message. The answer is unpossible to answer. In reality if you have 10 complete Build A Niche Stores full of unique content and all ranking good in the search engines and receiving 50-100 unique surfers a day, you will be making some great money.About 20% of my stores produce 80% of my income. Actually it is 25% of my stores that produde 80% of my income (i just looked it up). That does not mean the other 75% do not produce income, just not the bulk of it. I am currently going back through each store now and making well needed changes and adding quality backlinks. In reality your goal should be to get 10 solid stores up and ranking. Then get 100% of your stores producing 100% of your income. Do not worry about others getting into or stealing your niche. If you outwork them you have nothing to worry about. Build quality sites around a great niche and build backlinks. Cream rises to the top.

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better-sex on June 21, 2008 at 10:22 PM said...

I have 14 BANS sites. 4-5 of them seem to make the majority of my income. I keep trying to bring the others up, but no luck yet. Not sure if it's the niche, such a crowded market, or need more marketing work. But I would bet this is true for most BANS owners where a few sites are generating the most revenue.

Fred @ Newest on the Net said...

I am one of those BANS users that tried to create many, many niche sites. I had a few sites that really were doing well, but through some neglect, none of them rank any more. Would you do a post on how to revitalize a fallen niche site? Is it possible to bring a site back into the SERPs and get it going again? If so, how would you do it?


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