Thursday, June 5, 2008

Staring An Old Non Producing Store In The Eyes

I've done it before and you do it too. You know you do. Yes you, admit it. You have a couple of build a niche stores that produce every now and again. You know deep done that it is a good niche, but you do not know why it is not ranking or getting much traffic. Stop looking at it and revamp it.

Ask yourself these questions.

1. Is each page optimized around a different keyword or keyword phrase.
If you score less than 37 you need to change some things via the tool suggestions. Check each page. Especially the front page of you store.

2. Does the front page of your store have at least 100-350 words of keyword driven text on it? The more food on the front page the more words you might get organic searches for.

3. Are any pages blank, broken or showing no products? Fix them or delete them.

4. Do you have any keyword driven content pages on site? Something other than store pages?

5. Are you using any content that was copied verbatim from somewhere else? If it ain't original you likely will not rank good for it.

6. Is your site completely indexed? in Google should yield all of your pages, if not you need to submit those pages to some social bookmarking sites.

7. Are you using default category/page names and default title/description tags? Google wants you to be unique, not eBay Jr.

All of these things listed above can turn around a bland none producing store. Why spend more money on a domain or store when you cant build one the right way? Learn on your existing stores how to do it right and then go on to your next store. Sitting there watching your old store collect dust and logging into EPN 15 times a day does not work.

So YOU, yes YOU.!!!! Go fix that damn store the right way.

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soggy on June 5, 2008 at 8:00 PM said...

I re-read my post today and do not want you people to take it as downgrading to any of you. Sometimes my post are aimed at myself as well. Subconsciously I think today's might fit that. I have a few stores out there that need my attention as well. So if I offended anyone today I apologize.

Supermac said...

Hi Soggy,
Great post, you've just pointed out loads of things i can improve on. I learn a lot every time i visit your blog.

With respect to keywords:

"2. Does the front page of your store have at least 100-350 words of keyword driven text on it?"

Is it better to not display products on the home page and just have relevant keyword-rich text?

soggy on June 7, 2008 at 6:49 PM said...


I usually list products on the home page, but only about 8 or so as I like the content that rotates in the listing titles of the products. But yes mostly the text/content dominates the home page.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this post soggy, it's good to have a short hit list I can work on right away.


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