Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The 90 Minute A Day Niche Store Builder

I realize that not everyone has the luxury to spend countless hours working on their Build A Niche Stores like I do. Let me also say that it did not happen over night for me to get in the position to do it either. I spent many late nights and sacrificing sleeping, eating and recreation hours to get there. It is important to use what time you do have very efficiently and those sessions can provide fantastic results in 3 month intervals. Now I know good and well everyone of you has 90 minutes a day you can devote to your BANS stores. If you do not have 90 minutes you need to reevaluate your lifestyle. Now lets look at how those 90 minutes should be spent.

1. Before even getting started everyday make sure you block out all distractions and are ready to work and have your game face on. Get yourself geared up to knock out your work. Turn the phone, TV, spouse and kids off (they do all have switches, don't they?).

2. First 20 minutes can see you submitting at least one page from one of your stores to all of the popular web 2.0 social bookmark websites (digg, propeller,stumbleupon etc) using the free socialmarker tool. You should have your usernames and passwords all ready to go. This is very easy to do and will get you off to a productive start.

3. Next 30 minutes should be used to submit to at least 20-25 free directory sites. Using the firefox trick mentioned here and one of the many list of free directories you can submit to. You will get this down to a science if you can not afford the directory submission services. Imagine doing 25 a day for 8 days, thats a cool 200 submissions. This should get your mind in full gear.

4. Next 30 minutes should be devoted to writing content of some sorts. Whether it be for your own site or an article directory submission. Open up notepad and start typing. 350 words goes by quick. Trust me, just open up notepad and start typing the who,what,when,where,why and how. You are not handing it in to a teacher and the more you do the easier it gets.

5. Next 10 minutes can be used to either post that new piece of content to your store or submit it to the top 2 article directories (ezinearticles & goarticles).

Now I know that is a broad brush stroke, but if you are getting these task done daily, you will see results. Not today, not tomorrow, but in 3 month increments. These are very important task and should be done at least 4 days a week. You can set up another 90 minute schedule for things to do on the other 3 days, such as building another store or making SEO edits to your existing stores. Do not let time management be your downfall or your excuse.

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Supermac said...

You are so right about organising BANS time effectively Soggy. This is something I am getting better at but still need to work on. Thanks for bringing this up, it's given me a lot of inspiration.

soggy on June 4, 2008 at 5:41 PM said...

no problem supermac, the key is being in the right frame of mind and knowing what you want to get done. my list is not the bible, but will get you into some sort of groove. KEEP Building. It works!

Jamie on June 11, 2008 at 11:05 AM said...

Great Tips! I need to focu my time better on the dollar productive tasks and your guidelines in this post are an excellent start.


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