Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Image Alt Tags & Image Size

If you plan on adding a picture or image to any of your Build A Niche Store pages, I highly suggest a few things. First make sure you resize the picture to fit your needs and by that I mean you might have a huge picture that you want to display at only half the size, do not set the atributes to pull a larger picture and resize via HTML. It is less taxing on your server and the web surfer to offer up a resized image that loads quickly. a great free tool that I always use is the Irfranview program. You can easily resize a picture or image to fit the needs of the page you are displaying it on. after resizing then upload the new image to your server and add the source in your code. There is nothing worse as a web surfer to visit a page of website only to have to wait as a large image file is served and then downsized.

The next thing I want to mention is the ALT code text, ALT text is used to identify the image to the search engines and any web surfers you might be surfing your site with image viewing disabled in their browser. You can read more on adding ALT codes here. They can help out a little as far as SEO goes as well. If you have a site about pink widgets and the title, description and keyword meta tags are all properly done to say the site is about pink widgets and you have images alt titled about various pink widgets, it helps confirm your page is about pink widgets. You also might pick up a surfer or two visiting your site from doing an image search in the SERPS. So take a little extra time and go the extra mile when adding images or pictures to your pages.

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Chuck Anthony on July 10, 2008 at 11:03 AM said...

Good advice, soggy. I've been using the alt tags as well as adjusting images size on content pages. I've been able to adjust image sizes in my photo editing program and then just transfer the plug in the numbers taking care to keep proportions when inseting the image on a content page.


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