Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When Passion Meets Niche Store Building

As I was bumping around in the Build A Niche Store forum on Tuesday, I came across a user that does not post too much but did offer up a link to one of his stores. The user screen name is Largemouth Herald and to no surprise his site is Florida Bass Fishing. What is so refreshing is the fact that you can tell Herald is totally passionate about bass fishing and it shows in his site. He also ranks great for his target keyword and I am sure he gets his share of organic traffic as well. Also his fishing gear store is not front and center, and is using an early early version of BANS. This is a perfect example of taking something you are very knowledgeable about and turning it into an income producing outlet. A lot of niche store builders can really learn a lesson from his site. The only thing I would offer up to Harold is to in the near future considering re wrapping the whole site into a new Wordpress BANS type site that will enable him to perhaps manage the site better, but if it is doing fine right now, there is no sense in fixing that which is not broken. I'd like to thank Harold for giving me the opportunity to use his site as an example of passionate niche store building.

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Largemouth Herald said...

Thanks Soggy for the Kudos! I was considering a Wordpress layout sometime in the future but many of my links point to good old .html files. Redirect is a possibility to php pages, but I'm kinda old fashioned. Actually my BANs sites are my 1st dabblings into php. I probably will stay with .htm but I am looking for some other templates for my content site. Have any good ones?

soggy on August 20, 2008 at 6:59 PM said...

Wordpress has great free redirection plugins and it is very easy to set redirections. It all in one panel. I really think it would make your webmastering of that site very very easy. Just my opinion though. Thanks for stopping by.


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