Friday, March 19, 2010

Thighmaster Teaches Niche Site Basics

So this morning my wife has me up in the attic putting away her Fall decor and pulling down her Spring decor. Only the women readers will understand that. Anyways, I was rearranging some boxes when out popped a set of Thighmasters. This exercise apparatus was popular in the 90's and was pimped by Suzanne Somers. The infomercials were everywhere at that time and they sold a ton of them. Well my wife saw them and decided she wanted to use them again. After our attic trip, she wanted me to pull her up some exercises to do with them.

Always being on the lookout for niches, I thought I would do some exploring keyword wise. A quick look with the Google Keyword Tool, reveals that the exact phrases thigh master, suzanne somers thigh master and thigh master exercises all bring in some great search numbers monthly as does the alternate spelling of thighmaster and suzanne somers thighmaster.

A quick search in Google reveals (not going to link to it) ranking high if not number one on several of these main searches. I ran the term thigh master through Market Samurai and the site has a domain age of 9, but nothing in the archive really to speak of. It has quite a few backlinks, but mostly from sites that seem owned by the same owner. The onsite SEO is nicely done and believe it or not, the site only has 3 pages in the index and one is the Hello world default Wordpress post that is dated August 8, 2009. So at least we know when this version was likely built.

So what can we learn from this? Not really anything new, but it shows it does not matter how many pages of content a site has. It matters about backlinks, on and off site SEO, a great domain (although in this case likely a Trademark infringe) and some domain age. If you want to dig deeper in this site, follow the outlinks. Also research the type backlinks in Yahoo explorer. Nothing really secretive going on, just good hard work and all the basics. I thought I would point it out as a testament of what great keywords and hard work can accomplish. Nothing fancy, just the basics. Now I haven't dug deeper with various other tools, I will leave that to you readers, but it is an interseting site to learn from.

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