Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Useful Article Spinning Tool

If you have been using the Free Traffic System (and you really should be), you know how tough it is to format an article to be spun even with the great free tool they offer. BANS user Taoski alerted me to a great tool to format your spinning. It is called Cre Writer. Once you have your finished spin using this tool, simply copy and paste into notepad and do a find and replace of both of the { } tags with the [spin] [/spin] tags and you are ready to submit it to FTS.

On another note, I see where a few people have submitted well over a 100 articles to FTS. I surely hope these people are using there own articles and spinning them thoroughly to fully take advantage of the system. I have a feeling that they are not, but that is how it goes sometimes. For the rest of you, take the time to spin the articles properly and thoroughly and it will help everyone involved in the long run.

Also, as good as the FTS is, I surely hope it isn't your only backlink building system. You need a multitude of types of backlinks in your arsenal and putting all of your eggs in one basket has the makings of a huge let down.

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