Thursday, April 2, 2009

Common Sense Is Often The Best Webmaster Guide

With so many factors that go into ranking high on Google, one could spend hours and hours trying to research the BEST way to please Google with a certain aspect of your web site. If if you find what you think MAY be the correct answer, we truly never know for sure whether or not Google agrees. When you are unsure about a certain aspect such as SEO, backlinks, anchor text, content creation etc., always let your common sense be the deciding factor. There are a ton of websites that rank very well and the webmasters know absolutely nothing other than HOW to build the site and get it up online. You can bet these webmasters are truly relying on their common sense instead of worrying about how Google will respond to it. Over thinking in this business will be a huge obstacle if you let it. The good thing is that ANY mistake or wrong decision you make is often reparable and easy to learn from. The number one common sense method is to be build a web site that gives the surfer what they are looking for. great sites will build a following over time if you engage the surfer and build trust with the surfer.

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