Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's A Large World After All

Sometimes we tend to forget that it is called the World Wide Web, not just Google. I get a few emails from people every now and again that get really upset with being deindexed in Google and wondering what they should do. Trust me when I say it is not the end of the world, yes Google traffic is great, but there are other search engines and other means of getting targeted traffic. Believe it or not, non BANS sites get deindexed as well, even PHPBay sites. There usually is a REASON why and ignoring that problem will only lead to future deindexed sites. Usually it because the site is so thin or using all scraped content or leaving too many obvious footprints of a thin door way site. I have seen people rebuild sites on a new domain name to suffer the same fate. While you clean up the deindexed site to match Googles guidelines, you should continue to build legitimate backlinks and look far beyond Google and the the other SERPS for traffic. This means social sites, article directories, niche related blogs and forums and even related directories. Before re-submitting a deindexed site for review, you need to make sure your site is an honest to good engaging site, it also needs to be checked for exploits with this tool. I have looked at a few deindexed sites in the past for people to find that they have been exploited and thus likely the reason they were deindexed. Also be prepared to wait a LONG time to get back into the Google index. You are not alone as they get thousands of request a day to go through. Do not put yourself into a hole only relying on Google, open your eyes and see how wide of a world web it really is.

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