Sunday, May 10, 2009

Keyword Stuffing Is So 2007

The search engines are getting smarter by the day as is the surfer. Just 2 short years ago, you were able to give yourself a little boost in the rankings for mentioning your keyword several unnatural times in your content and bold it. I am sure we have all seen examples of this in action. although keyword use does still hold a place in ranking, unnatural keyword stuffing will certainly not help. One way to test your content, is to have someone read it with no web or SEO background. ask them if the content sounds natural or weird. You can get your keyword use across effectively without stuffing and without bolding every instance of it. You can also use several free tools like SEO quake to examine not only your keyword density, but your competitors as well. Take a good look at the top 10 results for a keyword phrase in Google and do a keyword density check of each of the results. You should clearly see how dead stuffing keywords really is.

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