Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New BANS Guide Pre Planning

With the announcement of the upcoming new Build A Niche Store Guide, comes another rush of BANS users dusting off their BANS software to begin another attempt at building niche sites. Before the release, I thought it would be good to go over a few things you can do before the guide arrives.

1. Are you using the latest version? You should be using version 3.0 of either the EPN or Pepperjam platform. If not, make sure you get it from the download section. You will need your Clickbank receipt number to get it.

2. Check your host. There is a reason Kelvin and Adam suggest Hostgator. If your prior sites are sluggish and causing host related problems, now is the time to switch. Hostgator will help with any transfers. I still use them as one of my many many host.

3. Do you know how to properly install BANS? If you still are struggling with installation, I suggest buying a cheap .info domain to practice on. It will not matter how good the guide is if you have not mastered the software.

4. Start thinking of your first new niche. The ebook will go into greater depth on this, but start a small list of initial ideas and do some exploratory work before hand.

5. Content ideas. Once again this will be covered in greater lengths in the ebook, but there is never a bad time to write content. If you are not ready to write, at least jot down some ideas you would like to build content around.

6. Computer running good? Nothing can damper spirits like having a computer that is slow or causing problems. If you are not very techie to do it yourself., find someone who is. There are a ton of great pay and free anti virus and spyware programs available to use. Worst case, take it to your local computer shop and get it in tip top condition.

7. Be prepared to work and work hard. The new guide is just that, a guide. It will require some hard work on your end. Nothing comes easy, so get your mind right.

8. Read thoroughly. Once the new guide comes, read it twice thoroughly. It will be hard to not want to jump around. Read it twice before attempting anything.

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