Monday, September 21, 2009

Buying Existing BANS Sites Is A Risky Bet

One thing is a constant on the BANS forum every month and it is the selling of existing BANS sites. People either quitting, just overwhelmed or one of many other reasons. If you are thinking about buying one, you are playing Russian roulette, especially with your EPN account. First, if the site is earning money, why is the person selling it? I have a few sites that earn as low as $12.00 a month. You think I am selling them? Hell no! That is $144.00 a year if I do not get back around to improving them. That is 16 domain renewals or so. All by just letting it sit.

With these sites, you just do not know where they have been and what unethical ways they might have been promoted. Purposely or un-purposely. You can do a search on the web archive to see somewhat of a history if archived, but it still does not tell the whole story. You can run it through Google and Yahoo site explorer to see indexed pages and backlinks, but once again not the full story. You can ask for traffic statistics, but even those can be doctored if you do not have personal access to them. On top of everything, if the site owner has been terminated from EPN and you now own the site and connect it to your account, you might get terminated as well.

So why would you buy one? Because you can't build one? That is the wrong answer. If you can build one, why buy it? You can likely build one better without the risk if that is the case. Now do not get me wrong, people buy and sell on Flippa all day long. There is however bad people looking for the ill informed there as well. Before you buy on Flippa, you better watch the questions the serious buyers ask. If it is high traffic, unique application and great design, it likely be more than you are wanting to spend.

Back to the reason of not being able to build, though. If this is the case, which with most on the BANS forum is the likeliest of reasons, you need to to bite the bullet and learn how. You will spend a ton of money buying your way to success in this business and if the platform breaks or Google throws a curve ball, the site you bought may be worthless unless you know how to fix it, but I suppose you could buy that service too. Do yourself a favor and buy the N1WAY guide and learn the right way.

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