Saturday, November 7, 2009

All Of Us Leave Money On The Table

I am still in the process of going back through several sites of mine that are long overdue some attention. Many sites I am refocusing monetization efforts on and trying to find the money that I am leaving on the table for these sites. Most of these sites are by no means high traffic, but they do get some targeted organic traffic nonetheless. You may find that adding advertising in addition to the normal Ebay and Google Adsense very lucrative. Have a look around at the main competition in the niche. How are the top ranked sites monetizing? Could their be a Clickbank match? Perhaps a book from Amazon or even a product from Amazon? Over the last week of work on my sites I created another $87.78 in income that I can attribute exactly to attacking money being left on the table by myself. Is $87.78 a huge amount? No, not really, but times that by 4 weeks and it is nearly $400.00. Now it likely will not be that every week, sometimes higher, sometimes lower, but you get the picture. Not a bad little raise I gave myself, by going back through and searching for money that is always left on the table? How much is laying around for you to collect?

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