Friday, January 15, 2010

Apps, Apps, Every There's Apps

Apps are the hottest thing going right now to stand out above the crowd. It does not matter what the app is for, be it Facebook, iPhone or whatever you can build one for. More and more sites are cropping up to give the code challenged webmasters a chance to create free apps of their own. Below are two such sites. The first link is a script for making a Facebook app and the second link is for making an iPhone app. While they both have limitations, it is a great place to start. The iPhone app creator is free for one more week I do believe. I will tell you it is very limited, but you can at least design something to get your RSS feeds out there. I would suggest giving away the apps for free until you learn more about getting more thorough apps created and how to effectively use them to drive more traffic to your sites. Have a look around in Google for other such sites as well. Feel free to post what you deem are good ones in the comments.

iPhone App Creator
Facebook App Creator

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