Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pro Niche Store Platform Coming Soon

I was approached over a month ago by Randy Yates, who's wife Brandi you might have seen on the BANS forum from time to time. Randy was coming down the home stretch on a PHP based platform called Pro Niche Store. Randy asked me to beta test it and help work out what bugs I could find on it.

Let me say first and foremost that Pro Niche Store is for those new to affiliate marketing or those that were comfortable with BANS, but feel abandoned. It is not a product to compete with Wordpress, but does fill the hole in the market left by Adam and Kelvin. It is very hard for me to promote BANS much more these days as there is no support other than us few regulars on the forum. There will come a time when BANS will not work and it already needs several tweeks now out of the box just to run right. It is what it is and I am sure Adam and Kelvin would agree with that statement as well.

What Randy is putting together is a platform that uses both EPN and Amazon as base product lines. You can easily add pages and pages of content and articles as well as products. Here is where it gets more exciting. He his slowly building addons you can buy separately to show, Commission Junction, Link Share, Google Affiliate Network and Share-A-Sale products as well. I have seen the CJ one and it is very close to being ready. These plugins are easy to add and even easier to add listings to pages. Putting your own template together is easy as well. I easily converted a few of my favorite Wordpress templates to work with his platform. He has a guide for that as well.

The platform is not for sale yet, but will be released any day now. If you are looking to switch from BANS and are not ready for Wordpress, you need to check out this platform. Randy is easy going, open to suggestions and works tirelessly to support is baby project.

Here is my suggestion. Register on his forum for free. Ask him the hard questions. Ask him how hard it would be to transfer over existing BANS sites. Ask him about his level of support. Ask him anything. See what type of person and knowledge he has. If you are new to making money online or loved BANS, give Randy a chance. If you register, tell him that Soggy Dave sent you. You will not be disappointed in dealing with Randy. He has become a very good friend of mine online and knows his stuff.

I will post more once the product is available, but wanted to give my readers the first sneak peak of this new, soon to be released product. Do yourself a favor and meet Randy today.

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Anonymous said...

This looks great Soggy. Thanks for posting. I am having good success with BANS but afraid to create any more stores. Not real excited about being forced to learn wordpress, I'm still pretty new to this Affiliate Marketing but I do have an angle that works with a BANS style layout and want to push out a few more ideas I have. I will be checking this out. Thanks for all your help in the past.

Anonymous said...

I'm a PNS user and a total non-techie. I've got a couple of PNS sites going (finally!) and I like the end result. I am REALLY looking forward to Randy ramping up again. I know I would benefit by whatever he is cooking up.


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