Friday, May 21, 2010

A Lesson From An Old Friend

So while at the doctors office today, I run into an old friend from 15 plus years ago. We get to talking about what we do and after explaining to him that I build and maintain niche sites for myself full time, he explains he too is a hobby webmaster. He proceeds to tell me about his website that revolves around a hobby of his. Fast forward and I look it up when I get home and find one God awful website. Looks like it was built in the old AOL member-pages days. The SEO was non existent as well. To my surprise the site has a PageRank of 3 and after looking at his exposed Sitemeter stats open to the world, gets a healthy, healthy dose of daily traffic and ranks very well for several short and long tail keywords. I am not going to link to the site out of respect, but it just goes to show that true passion shows through. The site has about 90 pages and is full of original and duplicate content. It is monetized with the basic Amazon copy and paste ads, but I am sure it gets some sales.

What I am getting at, is you do not need to be an accomplished webmaster, you need a passion and the want to get it out on the web. Sites that fill a need get found and linked to. It is that plain and simple. Judging by this site, my friend has a ton of passion for what he does.

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