Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sometimes You Get Surprised

A while back I built a site using the Commission Ritual method and used a niche that I was sort of suspect about. Now let me say I did enough research on the niche to know it would be a moderate constant earner, but had no idea it would catapult into one of my top 10 monthly earners. The site has only 10 product pages and 5 articles. It was built as I said using the Commission Ritual formula, which is just one of many ways I build niche sites. The backlink building was a modest effort and the site only has 3 keyword phrases ranked in the top 3 Google results according to it's stats. What the site does do is convert. Mostly through Amazon using the PHPZon plugin. The site also shows 3 eBay results per product, but most shoppers seem to fine with being shipped off to Amazon. The site converts nearly 25% of it's Amazon clicks. That is an unreal conversion rate for sure. I plan on devoting more time to it now and go back and add about 20 more pages of product and content over the next 2 weeks. It just goes to show that some niches you think will be golden egg laying geese, lay modest scrambled eggs, while some you think may be marginal, blow the roof off. You don't know until you build it. The beauty of this business is you are only 8 bucks away from your next site. Ain't it great!

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