Friday, July 9, 2010

Where Did Everyone Go? Where Is Everyone?

Many people are offended by my previous writings in this post, so to keep the World Wide Web a happy, smiling place, I have removed the content. Everyone wants to argue these days it seems. If you want to talk more about this in a civil fashion please email me directly. :)

A few down times of the forum resulted in Sonjay creating a back up or stand in forum on her own, for members to go when down time was prolonged. Several of us used it and of course went back to the BANS forum when it went back live. It was a home away from home and on her dime. With the recent privacy breech of the BANS forum, many of us are now calling "Sonjays forum" home base now. Hopefully it can become what the BANS forum once was. If you are not already a member, follow the directions of the big red letters on the login page to request access. If you are not a BANS member, never active much or just a reader of my blog, just put that in the email to Sonjay. Tell her Soggy Dave referred you.

The goal of the forum is hopefully one where industry info can be shared and questions asked and answered in relation to all types of site building. If you are looking for a place to SPAM or to be an asshole at, this place will likely not be for you. Sonjay is building a community, a community like BANS once was. I hope to see you there. It is only as good as you make it!!

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