Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Don't Be Afraid to Market To Demographics

We all have multiple interest and are not just solely focused or intrigued by one lone subject. Google Adsense has made a living out of showing ads to us based on what we have been searching for in our history. Even if I am on DVD site looking at Sienfield TV series DVDs and was looking at antique knives earlier in the day, I might be shown Adsense ads for knives on the DVD site. Raise your hand if something similar has happened to you. You are not limited to just your niche when advertising. If you do not want to use Adsense type ads, then show ads that are targeted to your niche demographic in addition to your niche specific ads. It gives your surfer an out and also one more chance to convert them if they do indeed do not find anything on site to buy or are merely kicking tires. Neverblue Ads affiliate program has a large selection of CPA advertisers products and services that you can match demographics to. Use your creativity as well. Always be thinking of what the perfect demographic of a surfer to your site is and always be looking to find ways to market to them outside of whatever specific niche you are in. Every surfer has a hot button, it is our job to try to push it however we can when they land on a page on our site. Do not be afraid to try new things with them.

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