Thursday, September 9, 2010

Google Alphabet Features Just Large Companies?

The new Google Instant that we posted about yesterday continues to create quite a buzz across several blogs and webmaster forums I have been reading on. One of the most interesting things I came across today is the The Google Alphabet post on the Wall Street Journal. It points out by typing in each letter of the alphabet typing each letter of the alphabet into Google that the top results included a lot of marketers. Not really too surprising in itself, but of course in the post on Adage, you can see that several readers posted what they were seeing in their area and of course the results are different across a large selection, which is nothing new. I would expect the large companies to show up being as they are probably searched for quite a bit, but also get heavier weight if they advertise or convert well Adsense or Adwords wise. Remember that Google is a for profit company.

Also to send you another direction, go to Twitter and search for Google Instant SEO. Tons of good and not so good reading. Lots of conspiracy theories as well.

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