Thursday, July 17, 2008

Niche Store Student On Board Series Post #3

Ah, the sweet sound of light bulbs coming on in a head. You can not beat it. This is the third post in the Niche Store Student On Board Series. The student is learning that there is more to Build A Niche Store building than meets the eye and is eating the elephant one bite at a time. What he has learned, will help in the initial building of future BANS stores and will help shorten his launch time. As you can see with the students Ham Radio Supplier site, quit a bit has changed, while maybe not so much to a visible eye so we will recap what he has been doing.

What he has accomplished!

1. Every store page has been researched for the keyword phrases he aims to target for that particular page. This is no easy task and will eat up some time if done correctly. You can page through his store pages and see the title tags. Eventually each page will have a paragraph or two backing up these keywords on page.

2. Nice well written description meta tags now. At first he had the urge to cookie cut them, but I reminded him how the search engines like uniqueness. Your description tag is also your selling tag in the SERPS as the surfer is likely to see this if searching for your keywords or targeted phrase. This too takes a little time to do right.

3. You can see his store navigation text has changed as well. Initially these were left to default, but now the anchor text/store page link better reflects what the user will find on that page and also helps in internal backlinking process as well.

4. Changed the product layout to #4 to better give a real store appearance. Also he has cut down on the main page listings to 9 and internal store page item listings to 18. This gives great balance to the pages and looks very clean now.

5. He is almost finished with better targeting each store page with items the surfer will be looking for on that page. I recently made blog post on how to do this and he has followed it very well.

6. By default of all the other work the Google adsense ads have become a ton more relevant as well to each page and the ads showing will surely be better paying per click. Google adsense really takes into account what is on page and can target it nicely if you paint a clear picture.

In conclusion he is learning a ton of little things that go into building a store before it even hits the viewer or SERPS eyes. Keyword research and an overall plan for your store must be well thought out. He will be able to streamline his time frame in future stores with knowing exactly how each and every store page should like. He has done very well in this latest boring process of niche store building.

What he is working on now!

1. With the front and back yards now cleaned up and the house having a fresh coat of paint, he really needs to work on content, in particular the front page content which wasn't even his to begin with. We are looking for about 500 plus words wrapped around the three targeted keywords of the page while mixing in other on site keywords, brand names, types and etc. The front page content is very very important and mixed in with the 9 store item listings text, should provide good organic search results as he tries to climb for his page keywords in the SERPS. This must be original and unique.

2. He will start the backlink process using free directory submissions, social bookmarking submissions and a unique article submitted to the free article ezines.

3. Each page then needs about 100 words or so wrapped around the keywords phrases targeted on that store page in a non cookie cutter fashion. This can be knocked out one page a night over the coming weeks as we really want that front page a priority and pulling in organic traffic.

4. Build a link/resources page linking to some ham radio manufacturer and other trusted ham radio sites and try to accomplish a few link trades with a few of them. The link trades can come over time, but linking out to relevant useful websites is encouraged if not overdone.

This part of the task will take a few days with the front page content being the priority at this stage. Hopefully it will be up before the Google bot passes by again, so it gets cached quickly. If not the site will be at the mercy of the next time the bot passes through, which we hope to speed up in the backlink process. The student is doing very well and starting to follow advise flawlessly. I hope to give you the next update on this student by Saturday or Sunday. Make sure to check out the students blog here. If you want to see all of post related to this series, click here!

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