Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Make Your Store Items Match What You Are Promising

Getting the web surfers trust is important in Build A Niche Store building. Nothing aggravates a shopper worse than not finding what he or she is looking for. If you are promising a surfer antique red widgets with blue fur on a page, you better be showing antique red widgets with blue fur on that store page. Not wheels for antique red widgets with blue fur or antique red widgets with green fur. Get my drift? Most eBay sellers are lazy and put their items in the wrong category or list it wrong in the title. You can not control that, but you can control what you show on your store pages. I reference a previous post on the eBay search operators and using them correctly in filtering out what you want to show. You can also use price as a filter as well. It takes some time to get use to using these filters, but if done correctly, you can ensure that 99% of what you show will be antique red widgets with blue fur. Remember that you want the surfer to get from point A (your store) to point B (eBay holding a cookie) with the fewest amount of clicks possible.

Expanding on this a bit, you may have a content page with the history of antique red widgets with blue fur on it, make sure you add an easy to find link on that content page that connects them to the store page selling antique red widgets with blue fur. This is also a great opportunity to use internal anchor text links to fortify on-site content. Most web surfers are very lazy as well and need things pointed out to them in easy terms. Qualified organic traffic converts the best if you send them exactly to where they want to go in the fewest amount of clicks. they are using the search engines for a reason. They are looking for something. Help them find it quickly and you will profit.

Go check out your store pages today and see if in fact you are showing the items you are promising the surfer they will find.

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Manuel Merz on July 16, 2008 at 2:22 AM said...

Good point Soggy if not one of the importest beside all the SEO work. Nothing is annoying more if you have to filter out the products you don't want to see (as a buyer).

I am still confused with the search parameters sometimes but they work and do a good job :)


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