Friday, August 22, 2008

Build A Niche Store Owners Weigh In On The EPN Debacle

Sorry for the shorter post today, but I am up to my ears in helping BANS users via email with some alternative solutions to the recent EPN terminations.

Below is a link to Adam and Kelvins thoughts on the EPN Expirations.

Please pay attention to the following quote:

Outside of EPN discussion - there have been a few posts requesting the modification of BANS to incorporate different product feeds.

We do have our own ideas about what BANS could evolve into or alternatively what "BANS-like" products could be released which could open up different avenues and hence opportunities and with the latest BANS changeover behind us we were planning to spend 2-3 months on site development and testing with the aim of exploring and answering the questions of what works and what doesn't both in the context of maximizing eBay affiliate revenue and also in effectively utilizing other income streams.

These are major changes which aren't going to be implemented off the back of rash decisions or panic situations and my primary concern at the moment is that eBay comes forward with information about what they want from their affiliates moving forward so that we can both understand their direction and if required adapt to match it.

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