Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Is Somebody Sleeping In Your Niche?

With Build A Niche Store becoming more and more popular with it's ease of Niche Store creation, it is not uncommon to have several people competing for the same niche. Do not be alarmed if your initial web research reveals a few competing stores. I will tell you that not a lot of people are building stores properly and are also not doing the work necessary to make their stores produce. Every store can be overtaken, including my own. There is always someone out there that can take what you have. Do not be afraid to go after a niche, just because someone else is in it. Competition makes everyone better. Now this does not mean to right after the iPod niche, but I think you get where I am going on this. I get a few emails from readers every now and again that get so concerned when they find competing stores in the same niche as theirs and they ask me what they should do. I simply tell them to out work the other stores. Your competition is on page one of your target keyword phrases, not the other niche store, unless it happens to be on page 1. The world wide web is still very wide open and there is a place for the serious niche store builder who is willing to do what it takes to fill that space. Someone somewhere is buying your niche product, you just have to put your store in front of their eyes.

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