Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why It Makes More Cents To List Fewer Product Listings

How many products should one show on a niche site page? This is always an ongoing question for niche site users. Lets look at it from a Page Rank distribution focus or as I like to call it: Link Juice. Now Page Rank is a highly debatable topic, but the greener the bar, the better a webmaster feels. The front page of your niche site USUALLY will have the most Page rank and that page rank is distributed through other links on the page. There could be links to other sites or internal pages of your site. At one time Page Rank was distributed evenly through all dofollow links on your site, but as Matt Cutts revealed at SMX, this is not the case anymore. Let's say you have 20 nofollow eBay listings on a page and 5 dofollow links to internal pages on your site on that same page. That is 25 links in total. The old page rank distribution method use to divide up the Page rank and pass it on equally to the 5 dofollow links, but that is not the case now according to Cutts. Now the links, dofollow or not get only an equal portion of the Page Rank distribution. So instead of 20% link juice like before, the dofollow links now get only 4% link juice passed on to each dofollow link.

Is this a big deal? In the grand scheme of things, I wouldn't rush out and change all of your sites structure and number products listed, but you should be aware going forward in the overall site structure. We want as much link juice and Page Rank passing down to internal pages as we can get. This also would mean you want to think long and hard about showing product listings on the front page of your site if indeed it is the page with the most Page Rank.

Let's look at it from a surfer standpoint as well. If they are looking for a particular product, they are PROBABLY on your page ready to buy. Listing 5 or 6 highly targeted items to match their needs is just as good in my opinion as listing 20. They want it, you have it. I hearken back to the example BANS golf store. it looks clean and shows the surfer exactly what they are looking for.

Let me close this post by saying once again that this is not a HUGE factor, but every little bit will help, especially when you are dealing with Google.

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Keith on June 5, 2009 at 2:42 PM said...

So would 9 be an acceptable number on each BANS page ?
For PHPbay it is suggested to use 5 items per 300 word article
Or do you keep the same ratio (which I try to do)

soggy on June 5, 2009 at 4:06 PM said...

@Keith I really cant but an exact number on it, but in my opinion, 5-9 for 500 words, regardless of BANS or PHPBay works good for me.



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