Friday, August 21, 2009

Notes From Today's EPN Webinar On Quality Click Pricing

I jotted down a few notes from the EPN Webinar just held, but pretty much believe my post a few days ago is right on track.

Campaigns With Low EPC - If you are seeing some low performing EPC numbers on a certain campaign, you might want to archive and temporarily delete the links until you can better target the niche or traffic. I believe they said they are working on the ability for a publisher to actually delete the campaign in the future. You will want to really look at the type traffic you have coming into that campaign and just how targeted the niche is to improve it, before reconnecting the campaign.

7 Day Cookie - EPN fully understand the seven day cookie in relation to auction length. If the click in from your campaign results in a purchase of the targeted item seven days down the road, you will be rewarded at a high level. You will not be penalized for the length of the auction.

Ebay Transparency - As I mentioned yesterday, you fully want to disclose to your surfers where they are going. Tricking them into going to ebay could indeed lower your EPC.

Original Unique Content - In the beta testing of the EPC, sites that had targeted rich unique content integrated in with the targeted items fared very well with the new algorithm. This should be a no brainer, but bares mentioning.

Case Studies Forthcoming - It was mentioned that case studies will be forthcoming, but the best examples of a site you should be trying to build are very well covered in the new N1WAY BANS guide. It is the perfect model for the new EPC payment structure.

EPC Now & Future - The EPC becomes a new value in the new structure. The EPC number you see right now is just a report value.

Long Term Value - The long term value is counted as far as the life of the user. You can stand to earn throughout from classifieds and the onsite ads on ebay itself.

Store Feeds - This is something they are working to integrate as well. More to come on it as they see the importance.

In closing, it is all about targeting better and engagement. If your sites are attracting visitors that may not have gone to eBay first, and their purchase was a direct action of the interaction with your site, you stand to fair very well in the new payout structure. If your site is very broad or thin in nature and is merely a link farm into eBay, expect the worse. Your transaction report and web traffic stats, should tell you everything you need to know. You can look at when the click initiated, when the purchase occurred and what the item sold was. That matched with looking at the source of where your surfer came from will let you know how to improve your earnings per click as it relates to Quality Click Pricing. This is very exciting as this will not only help you in the EPN program, but in other affiliate programs as well as you will be sending a more targeted, pre qualified surfer.

ETA: My buddy Hank from Money Code, has his notes now posted as well.

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Anonymous said...

I feel much better or at least better than I did a few days ago after the seminar this morning. They seemed to take and answer more questions than what I thought they would as well.

Reporter on August 22, 2009 at 1:04 AM said...

What happens if the auction listing they land on does not close the sale?

I really don't get this. Ebay is asking me to sell a item that is listed on a auction website (not a traditional merchant). If the auction listing or the seller who is listing the auction is questionable and the customer does not buy why should the affiliate be punished.

7 Day Cookie - What if the customer purchase something else on day 2? Then they come back on day 6 and purchase the targeted item will I still be rewarded at a high level?

What if my targeted customer decides he does not want a golf putter and purchases a golf related product (golf iron). Will you still be rewarded highly?

The world's largest auction site trying to portray itself as an traditional online merchant.


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