Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adwords As A Testing Ground

DISCLAIMER: Let me start this post by saying that if you have never used Google Adwords before, be careful. Many moons ago, my introduction was a hard lesson. I spent $1200.00 in a little over 24 hours and made back $76.00. You do not have to be a college graduate to know that will not fly.

Upon rebuilding or building a new BANS sites or niche site, I like to pick out a couple of the interior store pages and check their profitability. Most times it is a money loss investment wise, but a very small one. I will research some long tail keyword phrase in the Adwords tool, some with medium competition, some with little or no competition. Usually these entail 100-300 searches a month of the exact phrase. I usually can pick these up for about .03 to .05 cents a click. I set a daily budget for a $1.00 a day and let it rip. I use the exact match option by putting the phrase in brackets. example: [big harry widget 1234]

I will run these for 30 days and set up tracking in Google Analytics. After 30 days, I have a great idea how profitable that exact page will be, how well monetized the page is and if the keyword focus is on the money. I can then use that data to either change the focus or product or move on to a few more pages. Sometimes you will run into a few that are extremely profitable and worth the investment to continually run.

Once I am zeroed in, I know that when that page ranks naturally and garners its own free organic traffic, it will make money.

Do some research on setting up campaigns using Adwords. I never let the ads run on anything but Google, not network ads, just Google. This is because my good organic traffic will come straight from Google as well and I want as close to the same type surfer to test with.

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