Friday, September 11, 2009

Surfer Intent Plays A Much Bigger Role In EPN

Sure kind of an obvious statement the deeper we all get into the new EPN QPC model. Before, we would just target the keyword phrases, try to rank and get our fair share of organic traffic and hope they ate the cookie. Now for straight BANS or primarily monetized EPN models, we need to pay more about the intent of the surfer.

Intent of the surfer is so vast and wide from niche to niche. To put one solid formula or stereo type on a surfer is impossible. For instance, a keyword phrase for "Joe Blow XYZ Review" might produce a surfer that is primarily intent on buying Joe Blow XYZ's. However in another niche "John Rubbles ABC Review" keyword phrase will produce surfers that are mostly tire kickers. If you have been around niche store building a while and have multiple sites, you have surely seen this or something close to the example.

Figuring out surfer intent is hard with any affiliate program, let alone EPN. The only data we can rely on is our server stats and any analytics programs like the Googles. You also have the EPN transaction reports that tell you click times and the items that sold. You really have to marry all of them together to know what keyword phrases or producing the surfers with buying intents. It ain't easy, I will tell you that. Most of my weeks now, I am playing with data. Not that I wasn't before, it is just more important to me now with the new EPN QPC structure. Not only that, it will make me a better marketer.

Lets face it, we all would like 9 out of 10 organic surfers to be intent on buying, that just is not going to happen, but the closer we can get to 9 out of 10, the more success we will have. Even if the magic number is one out of 10. It certainly will vary based on the organic traffic and the intent of the surfer.

If you are looking for a straight answer in this post, I hate to disappoint you. I do not have it, but the answer does lie in your stats or un-attacked keyword phrases and understanding/researching more about the niche. Sure it is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but if you never start digging through the hay, you have absolutely no chance at finding the needle. Surfer intent is something we constantly now need to pay attention to. As I mentioned before, it not only will help you with EPN, but will make you a better performer in other affiliate programs as well.

I would be remiss if I did not take time out on September 11th to say thank you to everyone that serves this country in the military and beyond. I will never forget that September day and the sacrifices you fine people make or have made for my country. Thank you!

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