Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just Build It

It amazes me how many people get stuck on getting "ready to go" that they never get anything done. They wander around aimlessly on the internet with no goals, no game plan and read so much stuff that it scares them off into the direction of doing nothing. Most are looking for a "just add water" process of making money with niche sites. Sorry folks, it takes a little more than adding water.

When many contact me to look at their sites and why they are not earning money, it is pretty obvious what I will see ahead of time. First, they usually only have a small handful of finished sites and second, these sites are god awful thin with probably less than 1000 words of unique content on the entire site. Mostly they are just domains with affiliate links.

Do not worry about building the perfect beast, just build it. You can refine after the fact any errors or oversights you make. Everything can usually be fixed. The main thing is to get it built and by built, I mean with good original content. At least 200 words a page. Excuse my French, but Shitty sites can make money. They are everywhere, the common thread of these sites are good content, content other people link to.

If you sit around and do nothing, you will have nothing. Get off your ass and build something you can work with. Stop waiting for the just add water method, it does not exist.

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Taoski on October 23, 2009 at 3:52 AM said...

Was that 1st paragraph aimed at me?


Yes - you are right - "just build it"

One thing I remember reading a while ago, was that people were "scared" of starting a site. Scared of what? The outlay of time? The cost of the domain?

At least we live in a world where we can now flip the sites if they turn out to be real stinkers. I am sure someone will buy them!


Just F***ing Do It!


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