Friday, October 23, 2009

Made For Adsense Back In Vogue

OK, not really, but I get a kick out of how everyone turns on a dime. People used to swear Adsense was the devil and should not be used. Others said it would keep your BANS site from ranking well or will get you de-indexed. Others said it would take away from your eBay earnings. Yada, yada, yada. People, Adsense never went anywhere, I have consistently used Adsense from day one of signing up many years ago. Never dumped them, never had a problem with them.

A brief history of MFA sites (Made For Adsense), people used to scrape content, build sites with duplicate content and throw up Adsense banners. Other times they would spin content where it was very hard to read and offered no value to the reader. They would quickly get these sites a slew of backlinks in link directories and rise quickly in ranking to Spam up the SERPS. People made a ton of quick cash with these, but Google quickly caught on. If the sites did not get de-indexed, the Adsense account usually got terminated. These sites had zero value to the surfer.

Fast forward to now. Regardless of what you use to monetize your sites with, your site must have value of some sorts. Especially if you intend to try to rank in the SERPS. If your site is full of great content, feel free to monetize with Adsense only. If you want to monetize with just Amazon, monetize just with Amazon. If you feel EPN is cheating you, dump them. If you think Adsense is the devil, dump them too. The bottom line is the bottom line, however I think many quickly jump ship on programs without first looking at their traffic and where it comes from and where it goes. If you do not trust a program, you will not promote it properly. Your subconscious will not let you.

In closing, great niche sites can make money regardless of the way you monetize them. Many over think this whole process. Build a great site, monetize it, promote it, cash the checks. It really is that simply. Made For Adsense is not a bad term, it just depends on what is being used as content and if it is built with the surfer in mind first.

I am off to finish my new Made For Chitika site! LOL, remember you heard that term here first.

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