Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Need A Starting Point? - What Do You want For Christmas?

I get an email every now and again from those that are new to business and wondering where to start niche wise. It is always easiest to niche about things you know the most about. Being it is about Christmas time, why not start with what you want for Christmas. Put down a list of 10 things you would most want for a gift this holiday season. It is a great place to start and will hold your attention, because you already have a vested interest in it. Now this does not mean you set up a Blackberry site, but you can start to attack that niche from another angle. Start wide a whittle it down to an angle or sub niche with lesser competition.

I myself only want 1 thing for Christmas and that is a Booksamillion gift card so I can drink chocolate caramel lattes every Saturday until next Christmas. So I might try to attack coffee gift cards or book store gift cards.

Do not rush in choosing your niche. Research every facet from competition to keyword research. It is OK to start small, it will teach you how to rank and how to convert on a smaller scale. Be creative and think like a surfer. You can attack large niches in an indirect fashion. Force yourself to brainstorm!

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