Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Data Privacy Day

I guess you are asking what the hell is data privacy day. If you are indeed that curious, here is a website dedicated to Data Privacy Day. On another note, this is a great time to ask when the last time you changed passwords for your servers, website admins and other accounts like bank accounts. It certainly is a pain in the ass and quite an undertaking for sure. You can break it up into chunks over the next few days and get it all done. Start with your servers and FTP access one day, then move to Wordpress admins and on and on from there. If you break it up into groups you should be able to get everything done in a week. If you need a password generator, you can use this one here that I am using. You can set the length and include special characters, numbers and randomly capitalize letters as well. Security and privacy should not be ignored and it is good to see a day dedicated to this. Enjoy the rest of your privacy day.

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