Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best Spinner Now $7 For 7 Day Trial, Then $77 A Year

I can tell you that several people took advantage of the early bird deal that Best Spinner had. That deal ended early this morning, but you can still try the Best Spinner for 7 days for only 7 bucks. After that trial period, you will be charged $77 dollars should you decide you want to keep it. After you use it, I do not know why you would not want to keep it.

Is $84.00 still a bargain? It depends on if you use it. Should you only spin 1 article a month, that would cost you $7.00 an article. You will pay that to have an article written by a service. To me that is breaking even only spinning 1 a month. Should you decide to use it as a tool on a weekly basis, you can get creative and set up an outside "Link Wheel" along with submitting totally unique copies to the different article sites.

Most people will buy this tool and spin only a couple of articles and let laziness take over. Others will buy it and use it and get creative with it. You have to decide which group you are in. The tool is easy to use, but you have to use it. It will not serve it's purpose if not used.

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