Sunday, June 13, 2010

You Can't Put A Price On A Great Content Writer

I hated to write. I never dreamed one day I would have a blog with almost 1000 post that I would post almost daily on for almost 3 years. I found I like to write, no matter how bad it might be, about things I like, in niches I like. Does that mean I write 100% of my own content for my huge stable of sites? Absolutely not. I pay great writers. I have 4 solid writers I use at a moments notice now. It all depends on the niche and the content I need written. 250 word product blurbs? I have a great writer on Textbroker and an independent I found on a forum. Articles? I have 2 great ones I use on Need An Article. It took me a little while to find these writers that fit my style that I look for and I just can't put a price on them. They are indeed worth every penny I outsource to them. Do I still write some of my own stuff? Sure I do, but I find myself trusting my writers more and more plus money is not an issue. I am coming out of period of revamping 20 older thin sites into power packed niche authoritative sites. It was time consuming keyword and product research on my end, but translated well into easily outsourcing most of the writing. 12 of the completed revamped sites are already producing eye popping conversions on Amazon and 4 of the other 8 have seen their organic long tail traffic increase almost daily as the backlink building is taking hold.

When working out writers of your own, make sure you clarify the rules up front of what you are looking for. It will save tons of time and communication. Explain you do not want keyword stuffed generic articles or product descriptions just trying to meet the word quota. Provide them links to other works when you can for research and factual info. With product descriptions, I look for 250 or so words full of features, benefits and specs. Yes, it can be done in less than 300 words and not cost you an arm or a leg. These type of works only run you around 5 bucks each. What? 5 bucks for a page that can easily earn 20 times that in month? Yes. It is true. Now are my 4 writers the only 4 writers out there? No, it may take you some time to find a few that meet your own needs, but when you do, you can't put a price on them. Make sure to treat them good and keep them busy.

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