Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mix In Some Stupid Natural Comment Anchor Text

We all blog comment for backlinks. It is not my specialty that I do day in and day out, but it is mindless work. The hardest part is getting them approved on some sites that require approval. Most website owners only require you have a decent comment. Too many times we aim for the perfect anchor text and it stinks of comment spam. Try to mix in your first name and a believable last name that may be related to the niche. If I were backlinking to my speaker site, I might try "Dave Bose" and link to an internal page that features or list Bose speakers. It looks a ton better than "Bose Speakers" and gives a more natural looking backlink in the process. For so long we have been taught to get that perfect anchor text, but Google knows it does not happen this way all the time, especially for newer unbranded sites. Let's face it, if I were going to link to McDonalds, I am going to use McDonalds as the anchor text, but that is a brand and Google expects it based on its authority. Building backlinks does not have to be perfect, just make sure you are attempting to build some both natural and unnatural in looks. Get good at getting comments approved on high quality, related sites first and then push the envelope as far as getting a better anchor text. these add up over time and they all do not have to have "Speaker Reviews" as the anchor text. Some sites might have a policy of auto approving comments from users that already have an approved comment in the system, so you might try commenting using the "Dave Bose" idea with no website mention and come back and comment again a few days later, this time using the same name, but now using a URL. Get the picture?

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