Saturday, April 10, 2010

How Wide Is Your Long Tail Cast Net?

After reading more on numbers included in the Long Live The Long Tail post I did, it prompted some research last night on a few of my sites that do not have high long tail organic searches. Now these sites earn money, rank well and get organic traffic, but they could be getting much more. These sites need a larger long tail net cast around them as they are already seeded very well.

After I get back from Vegas, I have as a priority to research and drill down further on these sites and have a goal to add at the minimum, 10 more pages each to cast a larger long tail net around the sites. These will include more specific brand names, model numbers and LSI related terms that will be woven nicely into content and product listings. It will indeed take some time, but I feel the effort will quadruple the traffic and earnings on most of the sites.

Have a close look at your own sites? How many long tail searches are you getting? Are you thin overall on the amount of words on the site? Could you weave in 5 or even 10 more articles or product pages to better attack other keywords that are closely related? It is amazing how much money we all leave on the table along with how much longer the tail searches are by the surfer. Do not get so caught up in keyword density that you ignore longer phrases that can be woven into an existing site. These long tail searches are usually surfers that take action, which means more money in your pocket.

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