Sunday, May 2, 2010

Build A Wider Earning Web While Link Building

It is quite a task building links, it is one of the most boring processes in ranking better. The more creative you get along with weaving a wider web, the more success you will have. Link wheels are nothing new, I have been using them a while and the same goes for article and blog post marketing. Not many people though, use the two together and many forget to monetize the spokes in the link wheel. The web properties below are just a few of the places you can use as spokes in the link wheels. How many of you monetize these as well? Adsense, Chitika and Amazon are easy to implement into all of the below properties among many other monetization forms.

Now that you have monetized your spokes in your link wheel, you want to get more air in the tires. Using blog networks like SEO Link Vine, Article Ranks and even Free Traffic System can help inflate these wheels and weave yourself a wider web. All of these allow link rotation through spinning and thus you can easily sling links to these spokes as well as your main site hub. In essence, you are helping all of your properties at one time in the niche and can make money off of the surfer as well should they land on any one them. The focus still remains on getting the hub of the wheel the ultimate landing spot, but the last time I looked, 10 was more than 1. See my direction here? Monetize what you can monetize, especially if you are taking the time to build the spoke in the wheel. I do not care what part of the wheel they buy from, I just want them to buy.

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