Monday, August 30, 2010

Are You Networking Enough With Twitter?

I make no secrets that I love Twitter and have done so for quite a while, it helps me stay up to date with happenings in several niches, spurs ideas and topics to write about as well as being a tremendous way to network with other webmasters. This very post was spurned by one of my sites having an article go semi viral inside it's niche today thanks to Twitter. It is so powerful. I have found webmasters willing to let me guest post on their sites, trade links and in some cases even buy some links. In addition, I have picked up several marketing techniques just by watching a few different niche leaders in action on Twitter. I follow around 55 niches daily using the free Tweetdeck software and probably have picked up about that same many of very solid backlinks over the year as well and countless other not so solid links. I also have used it to get in touch with newspaper and magazine writers and have even picked up a small handful of backlinks that way as well. In my opinion, Twitter and Facebook continue to be under used as a marketing method, even though neither is considered new in the social media world. If you are not in the process of using both in some way every day, you are being left behind in the digital age. Do not fight it any more.

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ny126 on August 30, 2010 at 7:46 PM said...

Dave, could you provide any direction on how to effectively use twitter for promoting niche sites? I have read through some of your posts on twitter but it would be great to have a quick breakdown / overview of the basics.


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