Monday, June 9, 2008

Build A Niche Store Link Structure

I wanted to touch on a mistake that several newbie Build A Niche Store owners make. Mostly this is made when creating a customized content page or customized store page. If you look at the image to the left you will see 3 items. The page location is the directory tree if you will. The drop down menu will let you choose under what heading or part of the site this page is to be associated with. Usually this is left on main, but can be changed to accommodate your needs. Second is the Link Name. this is the actual anchor text your link will show up as. If you have done your keyword research you can name this however you deem necessary. If a particular page is a content page on the history of blue widgets, you might name it, Blue Widget History. Now the last section is where I see most of the errors made and that is the Page Url. Make sure you do not put spaces in here as they could hurt your site ranking and indexing and might even not load for some surfers. You can either run the words together like bluewidgethistory or use a hyphen or underscore to separate the words. blue-widget-history or blue_widget_history are examples. I usually use all lowercase as well. I know a bunch of the readers know this, but I have seen several niche stores that do not have the url properly formatted so I wanted to touch on it today.

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