Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Are We Headed For An Entirely Spun Web?

I wanted to follow up on the post a few days ago on the The Future Of Web Content. I came across another article I missed on TechCrunch entitled, The End Of Hand Crafted Content. The article is both enlightening, yet disturbing. Now I admit to spinning content myself, mostly for article sites. This time of year it is normal to see more spun content start to resurface along with people asking about spinning content (or rewriting content) which to me is really the same thing.

Can a site full of well spun content survive and rank. If spun well enough to pass a Copyscape check and with enough QUALITY backlinks, no reason to think you can't according to the article. Does it mean it is right or legal? I guess you could get quite a few different opinions depending on who you ask. Don't we all really just do research and reformulate articles we find anyway? Especially if we are not very knowledgeable on the niche to begin with. I could write forever on fixing problems with Windows or PC's. I can't write forever on using a Mac. I know nothing about them. I could however read up and rewrite articles on it though or pay someone to.

All of this lends more credence though to charging for the content in niches that you know you can be an authority on. On the flip side you can see how spinning or rewriting articles THOROUGHLY could work as well. Just as a test, I will likely try a site in the near future of completely well spun articles that completely pass a Copyscape check, mainly because I want to see for myself if it works. You would have to think that some how Google would catch onto all of this in the near future. Perhaps though it could be the ultimate hole in Google and the one with the best SEO and backlinks would win. Isn't that what Google was trying to get away from in the first place? If everyone starts doing it, isn't that where we are headed? I, in no way endorse a site full of spun content, but it seems right now that it is totally acceptable.

Final question is, how long until your spun content is spun or rewritten by someone else though? Are we headed for an entirely spun web?

DISCLAIMER: This blog post was not spun. Not yet!

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Don Bistrow on January 6, 2010 at 8:18 PM said...

If it passes Copyscape doesn't that tell us that particular content, in the context it is written is, in fact, original to the Internet?

How would even 66+ Google Phd's write an algorithm that says something original to the Internet is actually spun or re-written material?

soggy on January 6, 2010 at 8:46 PM said...

Merely changing enough words would make it unique to Google sure, but isn't the article the same still? Sure might be semantics, but it loses originality in my opinion and the surfer loses.

Don Bistrow on January 6, 2010 at 9:49 PM said...

Ok, good points. Add some pictures relative to the post, and use several areas on the topic from different sources to blend it together.

For instance, I have a political blog with over 3,000 posts, 90-percent indexed. I use articles, videos, and information from a variety of sources. Some come via email. Some is in block quotes with links and a trackback, which many times creates a backlink.

I place my opinions within the contents. I pay close attention to let the reader know where information is from and they know what I have written as well.

A good mix of informaton keeps the reader involved and on your site.

I end every post with a small ad and have ads in the header, sidebars and footer.

It's labor intensive so it pays to work on things that are a passion.

If content is indeed king, then we are doomed to be authors.

JR on January 10, 2010 at 10:56 PM said...

Very interesting post and observations Soggy. I think that a site with very well spun content will do just as good as one that is hand written from scratch, provided of course there is a quality and healthy back link profile.

In reality this has been taking place in a "natural" sense all ready for some time.

Go to Ezine Articles and search their site for articles with (for example) keywords, Facial Hair Removers, you will find about 100 pages full of articles written by different people about the exact same thing just in different words.

This happens naturally on a topic that is limited as to what can be written about it.

And that keyword is just one example, there are thousands of others Im sure. I just happened to notice this as I was doing some research.

The whole Internet in many topics is basically a regurgitation of the same thing over and over in different words. Look the "been done to death how-to's on SEO", lol, they all say the same thing, just in different words.

I think that backlinks are still the meat of ranking and ultimately king and not the content as far as the SE's go.

If you write some garbage and get some really high authority links (not that this usually happens or should happen) you will rank every time.

Content is only king as it attracts those magic natural authority links and establishes authority.

I also think that having fantastic written word content is more important for those seeking to be authorities and those wanting fame, making money online is somewhat of a different ballgame, we want to rank, get traffic and close the deal, we usually have a boat load of sites and limited time so we need those shortcuts...whatever works :-)


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